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Benefits of Using HBOT to Help Depression

Benefits of Using HBOT to Help Depression

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, is an oxygen chamber used to treat people with different medical conditions or diseases. Originally, the chambers were used in America to treat the Navy sea divers that were suffering from decompression sickness.

Over time, however, the benefits of HBOT have grown to include helping those suffering from PTSD, motion sickness, damage from radiation, dementia, diabetic issues, depression, and several other conditions.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

HBOT is a chamber that can fit either an individual or several people at once. Within the chamber, air pressure is higher and people breathe in 100% oxygen. The increase in air pressure allows the body to absorb oxygen fully.

The purpose of the increase in oxygen is to allow the body to repair and restore tissues, cells, and function to parts of the body. The increase of oxygen also triggers neurological benefits, as the blood flow increases to the brain.


People of all ages can suffer from depression. Whether depression is an effect of a traumatic event, or from a chemical imbalance it is real sickness that is often hard to diagnose and effectively treat.

People with depression can suffer from anxiety, nervousness, withdrawal, trouble sleeping, a decrease in self-care or awareness, and many other issues. It is important to see a doctor you can trust if you think you are suffering from depression.

Treatments for Depression

While there are several ways to deal with and help those suffering from depression, there is no one size fits all treatment. Seeing a doctor about your depression is a good place to start.

  • Medication – some doctors will prescribe medication to help with certain symptoms or to help balance the depression.
  • Therapy – there are different types of therapies to help those suffering from depression. It is very common for those dealing with depression to start music, art, or other hobby-related therapies to help deal with their issues.
  • Group therapy – these therapy sessions are helpful for those wanting to talk with others that may have similar issues.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – HBOT is becoming increasingly popular for treating depression.

Many people don’t agree with the use of medication to treat those suffering from depression as it can act as a bandaid to the problem and can even create other problems, such as addiction to the medication or other drugs, side effects of the medication, and no cure.

Benefits of Using HBOT to Treat Depression

Recently, more doctors have started prescribing the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treating depression. Oxygen therapy is non-invasive and can be beneficial after just a few sessions in the oxygen chamber. The increase in blood flow and oxygen to your brain helps reduce anxiety and can stimulate sleep for those suffering from insomnia.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has many benefits and is used to treat a myriad of medical conditions. Modern medicine indicates that it can be beneficial to those suffering from depression.

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