We offer the Vitaeris320®, produced by OxyHealth. It is FDA-approved for in-home use. We choose this model for its at-home safety, comfort, and simple usability. It is built with medical-grade technology and is simple to use and maintain. It’s small enough to fit in any room that has 8ft by 3ft space available, yet the interior is spacious enough to treat two adults simultaneously.

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There are little to no side effects. The most common side effect is inner ear issues, pain, or discomfort due to the rise and decline of atmospheric pressure.


If you are experiencing a cold, have sinus issues, or have a history of ear trauma or surgeries, this may not be the right treatment option for you. Please discuss this with your medical provider before further considering this type of treatment.

Loose, comfy clothing is best. Instead of shoes, wear slippers or socks. Avoid wearing anything that could potentially puncture the chamber (i.e., jewelry or hair clips.)

This depends on your health conditions, goals, and what you are using this therapy for.

If you are treating a specific medical condition, speak with your healthcare provider to determine a treatment plan.

Overall, the chamber doesn’t feel much different than normal. As therapy starts, you will notice a slight increase in air pressure (this is a similar feeling as taking off in an airplane). There is also white noise of air being pumped through the chamber.

Our chamber is 93″ in length and 33.5″ in diameter.

Absolutely! Our chamber is spacious enough to sit or lay down in. You can bring your laptop, tablet, and phone inside with you so you can get work done during therapy.

We do not handle insurance claims. However, this doesn’t mean that your insurance provider will not cover the costs. Please get in touch with your specific insurance provider to determine if at-home hyperbaric chamber rental or purchases can be covered.

Hard (hard-shelled, glass, or 100% pure oxygen) chambers utilize a steel-enclosed environment filled with 100% pure oxygen, and treatment involves atmospheric pressures of 2.0+.


Soft-Sided (mild hyperbaric, or low oxygen) chamber utilizes a softer shell than steel, is typically filled with purified ambient air, and treatment includes atmospheric pressures of 1.3+.


Here at Next Level Hyperbarics, we offer the Vitaeris320®. This design is a soft-sided hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, and it is specifically created for safety and ease of use at home.

We offer the Vitaeris320®. This model is spacious inside, has windows, and is simple to get in and out of.


Whether you purchase or rent, when our delivery and install team arrives at your home, we’ll ensure to train you on how to safely and comfortably use the chamber.

Currently, the FDA approves hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the following 14 conditions:

1. Air or gas embolism
2. Carbon monoxide poisoning
3. Gas gangrene
4. Crush injury (compartment syndrome/ acute traumatic ischemias)
5. Decompression sickness
6. Arterial insufficiencies
7. Severe anemia
8. Intracranial abscess
9. Necrotizing soft tissue infections
10. Osteomyelitis (refractory)
11. Delayed radiation injury (soft tissue and bony necrosis) 1
12. Compromised grafts and flaps
13. Acute thermal burn injury
14. Idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss



However, the research and treatment use has expanded over the years. Studies have shown that increasing oxygen delivery to tissues supports the body’s natural healing process. Thus, hyperbaric chamber therapy is often chosen as the treatment of choice to improve overall health as well as treat various chronic and acute conditions and symptoms. 


Some include:


• Athletic injuries (general athletic performance recovery)
• Autism
• Burns
• Cancer
• Circulation issues
• Diabetic wounds & ulcers
• Edema
• Infections
• Multiple sclerosis
• Neuropathy
• Non-healing skin conditions and wounds
• Radiation injuries
• Stroke recovery
• Traumatic brain injury
• & More

• Privacy
• Convenience
• & cost-effective

Our professional delivery and installation team will install, test, and guide you through using the chamber the first time.

If you have any questions or concerns after purchase or during your rental, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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