Health Benefits

oxygenation of blood

Increases Oxygenation of Blood Flow

support cellular regeneration

Supports Cellular Regeneration

inflamation reduction


Hyperbaric chamber therapy is often chosen as the treatment of choice to improve overall health and treat various chronic and acute conditions and symptoms.

Studies have shown that increasing oxygen delivery to tissues supports the body’s natural healing process.

health benefits of oxygen therapy

The Healing Power of Oxygen

The primary healing purpose of oxygen therapy is to help improve oxygenation and circulation in the body. Oxygen is an essential element in overall health. (Yes, we do need oxygen to live!) When oxygen levels in your body are improved, it will help support the body’s natural healing and recovery processes.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy enables improved oxygenation of the body by utilizing a controlled environment (or chamber). During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a person will experience an increase in atmospheric pressure along with a higher rate of oxygen than they encounter in everyday life. This increase in atmospheric pressure enables oxygen to flow into your body at the cellular level, so your red blood cells can absorb more oxygen than usual. This can support bringing oxygen and circulation throughout the body and, in often cases, to areas of the body that may have damaged or have less than optimal blood flow.

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