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How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps With Surgery Recovery

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps With Surgery Recovery

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is breathing pure oxygen in an environment complemented with pressure. Although there is still research on the process, many have experienced incredible results from hyperbaric oxygen recovery. It’s a way to ensure surgery recovery is easy, quick, and correct for the benefit of the body.

In this article, we will talk about the benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for those in the process of surgery recovery. Although there are standard procedures that can help push the body back into shape, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can provide additional assistance on the way. Let’s talk about it.

What Does Standard Surgery Recovery Look Like?

Surgery recovery time varies depending on the type of surgery. A dental procedure requires a different recovery time than a hip replacement. However, many doctors offer a few steps for their patients to experience healing after surgery.

Typically, surgeons recommend the following for surgery recovery:

  • Hydration and proper nutrition for the body
  • Gentle walks once the body is in fit enough shape
  • Incision care protocols to keep infection at bay
  • Follow-up appointments to ensure there is no infection
  • Pain management for tolerable recovery

Rest and proper care for the post-surgery body are critical.

Even with the best steps, recovery can be an extensive process. Unfortunately, many surgeons are more eager to get their patients healed than monitor their healing. Those needing additional steps may want to take advantage of hyperbaric oxygen for better recovery.

How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy help the body after extensive surgery? Does pure oxygen in a pressurized tank help the body after surgery?

How Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help?

When an individual goes into hyperbaric oxygen therapy, they go in an environment made of mostly oxygen. The air is then pressurized. The air is 10-15 times greater than traditional air, providing a unique atmosphere for a recovering patient. How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy help?

This technique assists the body by doing the following:

  • Allowing additional oxygen to reach less-reachable areas of the body
  • Limiting painful bruising, infection, and swelling after a procedure
  • Improving the immune system to help the body better fight defenses
  • Reducing necessary pain medications after a procedure for better healing

Faster surgery healing is possible with the addition of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Oxygen is a critical part of the air we breathe and provides valuable assistance to those in surgery recovery. It prevents incorrect healing processes and decreases the potential for pain as the individual heals. Those who want to give their bodies a better chance at healing can turn to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for surgery recovery with excellent results.

We Can Assist

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