How It Works

Step 1

Sit or lay in the chamber bed, get cozy, and zip up!

Our hyperbaric chamber is a Vitaeris320®, and it is quite roomy. It includes a soft mattress pad at the bottom (that is about the size of an exam room table). You can fit two adults inside at one time.


We recommend wearing loose comfy clothing and maybe bringing a pillow or blanket. For some people it gets warm and we recommend a small fan.


Feel free to bring a book, phone, or tablet inside with you.


Please do not bring any food, drinks, shoes, jewelry, or anything else sharp that could puncture the chamber.

Step 2

Relax and enjoy! Breathe normally.

A typical therapy session should last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour.


As you start the therapy, the oxygen inside the chamber will increase by just about 30%, resulting in slightly higher atmospheric pressure inside the chamber bed. The first 5-10mins can have a similar air pressure feeling as taking off on an airplane. Once your body has acclimated to the pressure, the rest session will feel comfortable.


This increase in atmospheric pressure helps force oxygen into your body at the cellular level, so your red blood cells can absorb more oxygen than they normally can. Oxygen is a critical factor in healthy blood circulation, and when you increase the level of oxygen in your body, it can help support the body’s natural healing processes.

Step 3

You're all done! Depressure and deflate.

Unzip the chamber and get out of the chamber bed.


*Please note that, that we don’t recommend having a therapy session if you have any sinus issues or are having issues with pressure.

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