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"We're so passionate about bringing hyperbaric oxygen therapy into people’s homes because we've experienced the results first hand and have seen such miraculous results from clients for years."

Adam, Jonalyn

Jonalyn & Adam Dusewicz


Why We Started Next Level Hyperbarics

After years of experiencing and seeing the incredible results of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Jonalyn and Adam thought it would be ideal if clients didn’t have to schedule their therapy appointments around everybody else, wait for chamber availability, commute to appointments, or be limited by how much time or therapy sessions they wanted. 

Thus, they started Next Level Hyperbarics, offering hyperbaric oxygen chambers available for in-home use as a monthly rental or for purchase. They are excited to bring these amazing results to the public in a way that is easy and convenient.

Our Health & Wellness Background

Competitive Athletes & Natural Health Enthusiasts

As two former competitive athletes turned parents and weekend warriors, Adam and Jonalyn are continually investigating the latest technology in natural recovery. While searching for solutions to their own nagging injuries, they quickly realized there was an opportunity to serve a significant percentage of the population who also wanted to speed up recovery, enhance performance, and avoid prescription medication.

Opened Health & Wellness Facility

Launched in the Spring of 2016, Adam and Jonalyn opened Beach Cities Cryo, a health and wellness facility that offers natural therapies backed by cutting-edge science. All the services are centered around 3 things: quicker recovery, reducing inflammation, and living a healthy lifestyle. They offer cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, compression, LED, and infrared sauna therapies.

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Our Experience with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Quickly In-Demand

While all of the treatments at Beach Cities Cryo (Jonalyn & Adam’s Health & Wellness Facility) work incredibly well, they saw the most impressive results with the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Added about a year after opening, their first hyperbaric chamber became fully booked so fast that they had to establish rules limiting how many appointments a client could schedule in advance. Due to the demand, they even purchased a second hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, and both are constantly in use.

Impressed with Results

The feedback from clients and the results they have seen are nothing short of remarkable. They have seen cancer patients’ lives extended, Crohn’s Disease patients cancel surgeries, back surgery patients attending yoga class two weeks after the procedure, behavioral changes in autistic children, and one client even claims that she wins more at Mahjong on days she uses the HBOT (seriously, lol).

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Hyperbaric Chamber Results

"Before trying hyperbaric oxygen therapy, I took 2-3 ibuprofen just to get through the day."

"For six months I was dealing with severe pain from injured tendons in my elbow. Every time I felt like it was getting better, I would lift something heavy and re-injure it. After doing 4 sessions of HBOT in one week, it healed completely and has felt great ever since."


Hyperbaric Chamber Results

"Postpartum for my first child was rough. It took over seven months to feel like myself again. I used hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the second child, and I was back to playing volleyball in a few months. I’ve used the chamber after delivering our 2nd, 3rd, & 4th child and my recovery time has improved exponentially after each delivery"

"Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also amazing for mental clarity – I can noticeably tell that my brain functions better after therapy sessions.”
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