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Find hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers for sale right here at Next Level Hyperbarics! Our home hyperbaric chambers for sale are a soft-sided design, built with home use in mind, prioritizing safety and user-friendliness. Its interior is generously spacious, featuring a contoured mattress for added comfort. Equipped with windows and designed for straightforward operation, buy our hbot for sale today for a hassle-free experience.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Sale- Quality and Safety Redefined

When you are in the market looking for an hbot chamber for sale, you want the assurance of quality, safe, and effectiveness of the product. At Next Level Hyperbarics, we tick all the right boxes.

High-Quality product

Health is non-negotiable, which is why we offer only the oxygen chamber for sale. Our product is designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Perfect for home use

Our oxygen chamber for sale is the ideal size to fit into any of your rooms easily. It is easy to use and maintain and comfortable to use

Shipping and Installation Support

We take care of the logistics, from shipping to installation. You can trust us to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish..

Expert Guidance

Want to buy a hyperbaric oxygen chamber but not sure about its use and effectiveness? Our team of experts is here to help. We will provide you with personalized guidance to ensure you make an informed decision.


Buy an oxygen chamber at Next Level Hyperbarics for the ultimate cost-effective solution. Engineered to stay cost-efficient, our hyperbaric chamber is convenient and provides efficacious therapy.

Best Hyperbaric Chamber for Hbot Oxygen Therapy

This model is a soft-sided hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, and it was specifically designed for safety and ease of use at home. This model is spacious inside, includes a contoured mattress for comfort, has windows, and is simple to use.

vitaeris oxygen therapy chamber

About The Chamber

Vitaeris320®, produced by OxyHealth

This model is a soft-sided hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, and it was specifically designed for safety and ease of use at home. This model is spacious inside, includes a contoured mattress for comfort, has windows, and is simple to use.

Purchase Hyperbaric Chamber at Next Level Hyperbarics

Invest in your health and well-being today with the ultimate hyperbaric chamber from Next Level Hyperbarics. With our promise of support and expert guidance for effective treatment, you will soon be on your way to experiencing the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in no time. Join our many satisfied customers who have improved their health with the therapeutic benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Looking for the perfect hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine for sale? Contact us today to book a consultation.

What To Expect When Purchasing from Us

Step 1:

Complete the purchase agreement & schedule your installation appointment.

Step 2:

During your installation appointment, our technicians will install and test the chamber. Then they will provide in-home training to make sure you are comfortable with using the chamber. This typically takes 30 min - 1 hr.

Common Questions

Delivery within the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington metropolitan area is free*.

*This area is considered the following counties: Collin, Dallas, Delta, Denton, Ellis, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant, and Wise. If you are outside of these counties, please call our office for details on the delivery fee.

Before your appointment, please choose the location you would like the chamber installed and have the spot cleared. The chamber takes up approximately 8ft by 3ft of space.

Installation appointment takes 30mins to an hour.

Yes, all individuals utilizing the chamber should attend the installation appointment so that they feel comfortable using it.

No, the standard USA power outlets are exactly what is needed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns during your rental agreement.

This chamber was designed to be easy to get in and out of for at-home use. However, if you have an injury or disability that limits mobility, you may need assistance to get in and out of the chamber. The chamber, when fully inflated, is about 3 feet in height. Our installation team is trained on a few installation options that can make the chamber easier to enter and exit, depending on your needs. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact our office,  or schedule a free consultation.

92 inches in length and 32 inches in diameter

You can buy hyperbaric chamber for home to enjoy the convenience and flexibility for regular HBOT sessions, which can be beneficial for various health conditions and wellness goals.

Yes, our hyperbaric chambers are designed with safety in mind. They come with safety features and clear instructions for safe usage. When you purchase hyperbaric oxygen chamber from us, we will provide proper guidance on installation and maintenance.

Yes, our hyperbaric chamber is suitable for personal use. Please book a consultation with us for further guidance.

Regular maintenance is essential. We provide maintenance guidelines with each purchase, and our customer support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to promote healing, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and boost overall well-being. It can be beneficial for various medical conditions and performance enhancement. Buy hbot chamber to experience its numerous health benefits.

Hyperbaric therapy can be safe and beneficial for children, especially in cases of certain medical conditions. As long as the child can sit or lie in the chamber for an extended period, there should not be any problem. However, we still recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional to determine the appropriateness of the treatment for your child.

Yes, if you do not want to buy a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, we offer monthly rental options. Please check our site for more details.

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