Why is Jay Leno Using Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy?

Jay Leno sustained serious burn injuries after a gasoline fire-related incident. This injury had severely burned his face and hands, requiring him to go into immediate surgery to excision and graft skin to his face and hands.

After an injury as serious as this, Jay Leno has been taking rest and care so that he can get back on his feet. However, it has been taking time because of how much pain he has been in and the damage done to his skin.

One of the tools he has been using in his recovery is hard shell Hyperbaric therapy in a Hyperbaric Chamber.

What is Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy?

Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy uses high amounts of oxygen compressed in a chamber that one goes into and breathes in 100% oxygen. This form of therapy is used to decrease swelling and kill off bacteria. It has been used for people who have suffered from CO2 poisoning, bone infections, flesh-eating diseases, and severe skin and bone damage. This chamber gives the body a chance to reduce inflammation and heal after severe damage.

How Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Has Been Helpful for Jay Leno

With the burns that Jay Leno has sustained and the surgery that he has gone through, he is at higher risk for life-threatening infections to the grafted skin on his hands on face. The Hyperbaric Chamber is also great for reducing pain that is the result of inflammation and swelling, so this has been used to reduce pain for Jay Leno.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy is used to reduce edema, is keeping Jay Leno’s tissue viable, prevents infection, and keeps his tissues and blood vessels healthy.

The increased levels of oxygen in the body encourage healing so that the grafting on Jay Leno’s hands and face can heal at a quicker rate. He will be able to fully recover from his injuries faster than he would without the therapy.

Next Level’s Soft Shell Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

Next Level Hyperbarics can bring these oxygen chambers to your home through a renting process. To use the service, you will book your rental for whenever is easiest for you and you will keep it in your house for however long that you need. Most of the rentals are about $2500 a month, which is highly reasonable for a helpful service such as oxygen chamber therapy.

Your soft-shell hyperbaric chamber will be delivered to your house and set up where you need it. You will then use it as often as you need and when your rental is up, Next Level will pick it up from your house. There is very little work to do on your part.

Please note that Jay Leno is currently using a hard shell hyperbaric chamber instead of the soft shell chambers that Next Level offers. Softshell chambers are just as effective but may take longer for you to see results.

Jay Leno’s Recovery

We continue to hope that Jay Leno has a full recovery from his injuries using Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy.

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